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Winning Mindset (Sellers)

WINNING MINDSET!- Start with the End in Mind:-

Winning Mindset(Preparing Your Mind For Sale)

***Everything is 100% Predictable and Cause & Effect***

From the very first moment you list your property For Sale

  • …it starts in motion a series of cause and effect action
  • which will create predictable, tangible outcomes…
***We can use this phenomenon to positive advantage***

Many Sellers put their property on the market…

  • but they haven’t thought about what they are going to do
  • if they actually do get an early offer/sell…
The reality of selling only hits when the first offer comes in
  • if you’re not ready to sell that offer can come as quite a shock
  • this can be a challenge because quite often the best offer is the one that comes through the door first
  • It is important to be mentally prepared or RISK missing out

The reason why you may miss out on the best price is that it can potentially cost you money to hang onto a property because when you are sellingWinning Mindset


Typically, the longer a property sits on the market, the price goes down over time.

It is very hard to argue with the following logical statement!

“If it were priced well, it would have sold by now”…Which Buyers say and or think when they ask about time on the market.

It is really important therefore to capitalise on the eagerness of the buyer who comes forward quickly (Heart Buyers).

applecross property for saleOften, that Buyer may have been looking for 3-6 months;

  • they will know the market…
  • they will have an educated idea of values…
  • they will be fed up with going to open homes…
  • if they’ve seen something that actually meets their needs – they will act immediately.
So if they’ve been looking for months and see your home in the first minute…
  • & it ticks most of their boxes…
  • they know it’s the right place…

But for you it’s the first minute. Please be aware of that!

***The Seller, who is ready for a sale and ready to jump…
& pragmatically do a deal with a willing buyer, will reap the rewards***

Winning MindsetWe have all heard stories of Sellers knocking back early offers…
only to sell far below that figure months later.
  • Sometimes $100,000 or more less
  • I have seen homes sell for 10% lower than early offers that were knocked back.

That’s what preparing your mind for sale all is about.

It is about being mentally prepared to listen to and accept feedback from the market…

and pragmatically with with early and any offers as they may come in.

I look forward to helping you achieve a successful sale in a timely manner…

Thank you

I am committed as your Agent.

Yours faithfully
Ian Barnes