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Your Appraisal


Thank you for the opportunity to appraise your property.

With my track record, strong negotiation skills and proven marketing ability I will attempt to get you as close to the full asking price (or above) as the market will pay.

  • Ultimately though, the market sets the price
  • The actual appraisal document will have been sent in a previous email as either a PDF attachment or a link to a WEBBOOK with specific reference to price and sales comparables unless that email was titled (Market Appraisal- Simple) in which case an attachment may not apply.
  • The appraisal will need updating and discussion further in person at the time closer to selling

No doubt you will have questions, that’s totally normal. This web page hopefully answers most, and the below link answers the 7 most popular questions as well in detail.



1) The Appraisal Price:
  • Please read the attached PDF in the previous email or the link in the WEBBOOK as applicable where the suggested market price is indicated
  • We can discuss this in detail and devise a strategy so that we can extract from the property the highest price available in today’s market
  • This should be in conjunction with method of sale and marketing plan
  • Over the years I have written a lot of articles and material around the importance of price. Several are available to read and check out in my RANT/ BLOG  >>> Ian’s BLOG
2) Timing:

A decision as to when is the best time to put your property on the market, ultimately comes down to the following things.

a) THE DESTINATION, when do you want to be there? (We can help reverse engineer a timeline that can get you to where you want to be in time based on estimating the process and the benchmarks). 

b) NEEDS– For how much longer will the current home suit your needs? (As above).

c) HOW LONG is required to get your home “Market Ready?”

  • A priority list of jobs that needs doing before a photo shoot is a good place to start
  • We can help reverse engineer a timeline that can get you to where you want to be in time based on estimating the process and the benchmarks
  • Please let me know if you require any advice as to “Preparing your home for sale”. We have a large portfolio of resources, tools and checklists that you can use in our HOME STAGING RESOURCE FILE (Below).
3) Preparation and Staging/ Styling:

A lot has been said about the need for and value of home styling. This page is not intended to go into all that detail. Suffice to say YES it is true that a well staged, well presented home will ALWAYS sell for more, in less time as it will appeal to more buyers and affect the emotional appeal better. We have created a vast suite of useful tools and resources that are available to you to assist, AND/OR I can always consult with you to help.

4) Method of Sale:

Whatever method of sale is of preference to you, we have expertise and flexibility with all the main platforms and methods. All have some merits, and plus and minus applications depending on what suits you best.

5) Selling Fees:

Cheap or lower fees does not mean you are necessarily saving money, as not all agents have the same skill set, ethics, energy, passion, commitment to process, or marketing prowess.

  • We are competitive
  • All fees are now de-regulated by law
  • There is not a “one size fits all”, as every property and situation is different
As a guide...

Depending on the value and type of the property, selling fees can vary anywhere between around 1.65% of the sale price (including GST) to just under 3% of the sales price.

  • I want your business and to make sure that you are getting the best value agent you can find
  • Remember a selling fee is only paid if the property sells
  • You always make the final decision as to whether you do or do not sell
6) Marketing:

These can be discussed in detail with you at the time you are nearly ready to list the house for sale.

An overview of the various marketing packages. >>> Marketing Options Available

  • Marketing investment can be anywhere from $947 (minimum) to upwards of $5,000 plus
  • Depending on the style and campaign selected by you, and the property type

We have various packages as a GUIDE and we also have the option of a 100% custom package

Essentially, EVERY property is unique and needs a custom plan.  
  • We will totally customise it to suit you after we know and understand the property and your expectations and needs

Of all the ways to save money, please DO NOT excessively scrimp here.

We have heard of the saying about being penny wise and pound foolish.

Compared to the value of a home, a marketing campaign is a tiny percentage ($1,000 is 0.1% of the value of a $1M home), yet the costs and risks of a B grade or poor generic campaign far outweigh the investment into doing it right the first time.

A poorly handled and funded marketing campaign could easily cost a seller 5-10% of the value of the home. We see it all the time.

We can create a first class campaign AND at the same time position, and brand your property to find the PREMIUM buyer and achieve the best outcome.

That can be worth tens of thousands of $$$ dollars (or more depending on the property value) more to you as a seller

At the very minimum, you wont have doubts or regrets if we market your property to a high standard from day one. We want to give it your best shot!

  • First impressions matter
  • I would be delighted to discuss the specifics with you when required

There is a HUGE Valuable Resources Page we have created to help you.

Thank you again for the opportunity to appraise your property
  • I hope you are ready to put me to work
  • If yes, please do let me know or even if you have questions
  • The below link is a good GUIDE for what happens next!


Yours faithfully,

IAN BARNES (0423 123 533)
Licensee/ Managing Director

NOTE: * My appraisal is not a valuation. It is valid for 30 days from appraisal and should be reviewed often for changes to market. It is based on current market conditions, which can change at any time based on supply and demand, new listings, new sales evidence, changes to the economy, as well as market sentiment. I also suggest before taking any actions in regards to selling, that if necessary, please get your own independent advice as to Capital gains tax implications.