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Your Marketing Calendar- Coming Soon!


  1. Setting Launch Dates
  2. Making and agreeing on the initial plan (general)
  3. Photo and video shoot dates (As required)
  4. Floor plan redraw if required
  5. Earliest Buyer viewing dates agreed
  6. Key Marketing initiatives set out and agreed

We are putting this together now.

Whilst we will have a customized, specific marketing plan drawn for you and you special requirements and needs, typically a marketing calendar looks a bit like this one HERE

It is important that we have a plan…

Your Marketing Calendar

  • In line with your outcomes & priorities (And of course the marketing budget)…
  • I will have this ready for our next face to face meeting and we can run through it.
  • We can of course make any tweaks to suit your requests

This is an key moment in the process as Tony Robbins says, a goal is real and exciting once it is scheduled.

We will schedule the key dates to get you SOLD, for the BEST PRICE, in the QUICKEST TIME and with the LEAST STRESS.

I am looking forward to catching up soon.

Yours faithfully


Ian Barnes

Thank you for your business and continued trust.